Which of these three links is the most search engine friendly?

  1. Click here to learn more about high quality backlinks.
  2. This free tool created by LinkCandle helps you to build high quality backlinks.
  3. This free tool created by LinkCandle helps you to build high quality backlinks.

Not sure? Here’s how each of them look in HTML form:

  1. <a href=”#”>Click here</a>
  2. <a href=”#”>high quality backlinks</a>
  3. <a href=”#” title=”Try the free backlink grader tool”>high quality backlinks</a>

The first link just has the link address (we’re just using “#” as a pretend link) with generic “Click here” text.

The second link is a step better because it has removed the generic link text with a phrase that describes the content on the other side of the link.

The third link is the best. It includes all that’s found in the second link as well as includes a link title (it’s displayed when the mouse hovers over the link). Link titles carry SEO value because they are important to accessibility. For example, if the website visitor is visually blind, the screen reader software that they are likely using will reveal the links audibly per the designated link title.

So those are just a couple of ways that a link’s quality can be improved.

At LinkCandle, every link that we verify goes through a rigorous quality check before credit is given to that member on our platform. Below is a few items that we check for as well as factors that affect the quality-level of backlinks.


The source of the backlink should be relevant to the webpage that it is linked to. For example, If I was writing a blog post on strawberries, it wouldn’t make sense to create a backlink to a website about the NFL.

Now, sometimes it does make sense … but the quality of the backlink will still be effected.

Source page has low number of outbound links

Webpages with a lot of outbound links can be flagged as being “spammy”. Backlinks created on pages like this will either carry little value or, perhaps, even a negative value.

Anchor text

The link text that makes up the visible link on the page should not be littered with keywords and should also not be just the URL, itself.

Make sure that the link text flows nicely with the content on your page.

Link Title

The links title is the text bubble that appears when you hover your mouse over a link. It is a good “accessibility” factor similar to an image’s alt description text.

Often, link titles are not included with links.

Do follow

By default, links are “do follow”. This means that Google and other search engines can crawl the link and award “link-juice”.

Depending on the scenario, some webmasters may decide to add a tag like this – “rel=nofollow” – to their links which basically tells search engines to ignore them.

This certainly has its place, but if this is all Greek to you then don’t worry, you’re good!

Page is crawlable

In addition to links being blocked by search engines, entire pages can be blocked as well.

Please check your robots.txt file as well as your page’s individual meta-robots element to be sure your page is enabled to be indexed by search engines.

Position of link on page

The best backlinks are placed in the main content of the page and *typically* the higher they are, the more important they are deemed.

Links in the footer (“This website was designed by …”) don’t carry much weight.


What type of tool is LinkCandle?

In short, it's Real People. Real Backlinks. Quality Controlled.

LinkCandle is the simple way to get quality backlinks to your website and your awesome content.

We are turning the SEO community upside down. We have changed the long-accepted assumption that getting real backlinks is hard and requires hours, days, and weeks of work.

Our community encourages its members to give backlinks first, and maintain a proper ratio of given to received links. If the ratio is met, your webpages will be featured in front of the community and the sky is the limit for how many backlinks you could receive!

The best part? It's free!

Give it a try!

Read our FAQHow LinkCandle works

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Tyler Willis

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