Frequently Asked Questions

General questions:

What is LinkCandle?^

LinkCandle is an online community that puts quality, link-worthy content in front of content creators.

With a focus towards helping members to increase their organic traffic by building backlinks to their website, LinkCandle encourages collaboration among its members to link to other relevant webpages as well.

Real people. Real backlinks. Quality controlled.

What do I get for free?^

You get free access to the community where you can submit web pages to receive backlinks as well as give out your own backlinks to relevant pages.

Free members must keep a 1 to 1 ratio of given to received links. This means that if you have received a backlink from a community member, you will be expected to link out to someone else's website in the community before your web pages will be featured again.

You can get ahead of the game by giving more links and your web pages will not be paused on LinkCandle until your ratio is below 1 to 1.

Is it hard for a new person to get started?^

Definitely not!

Everyone is on an equal playing field. After creating a login, you can submit a new web page to receive a backlink or backlink to someone else in a matter of minutes!

Is my information private?^

Certainly! We only ask for the information that we need to improve your experience with our software, but that's it.

If you decide to upgrade, we don't even keep your credit card information. All of the payments currently go through the Stripe platform for processing.

As some point, we may ask to feature you on our blog, but that's up to you!

Does LinkCandle guarantee increased traffic?^

Ah ... we wish we could, but unfortunately we can't guarantee your website's performance.

What we can guarantee is that we'll work to provide you with the best tools, information, insights, and tracking available, and that we'll never stop trying to improve and secure our platform!

What types of links does LinkCandle have?^

We have all content types: blog posts, videos, interviews, infographics ... you name it. We have whatever our members decide to submit.

Our focus is on content, however. When submitting a new page, you'll be asked to state what type of content the webpage is. Because of this, submitting your home page might not be a good idea because it's not a blog post, video, etc.

LinkCandle is best for content creators.

How many links can I expect to get?^

That depends on several factors including the growth of our platform as well as the quality of your content. Signing up does not guarantee that you'll receive any links. Like any legitimate backlink, you must make sure that you content is good enough to cause others to want to link to it.

Your chances of receiving backlinks will improve as our platform grows (more people = more opportunity). Please like our social media accounts and share the word!

What happens when someone removes the link from their website?^

We are aware that this could happen, so we perform random checks on all links on a regular basis. If the link is no longer present, active, or the quality has changed in a negative way, the credit for the backlink will be removed and the link ratio for affected users will be updated.

SEO questions:

Is LinkCandle a black-hat SEO technique?^

No. LinkCandle merely connects real people to content that they may be interested in linking to. The links are completely organic between the two webpages without any connection to LinkCandle.

The only role that LinkCandle plays is as a community that encourages its members to give links to others. The actual link is built on each user's individual platform and not through LinkCandle.

We are not a submission site. All of the links on our platform are marked as "nofollow".

Still not sure? Read this blog post that looks closely at Google's search quality standards and further explains the role that LinkCandle plays.

Could the links become toxic to my site's health?^

LinkCandle has no connection to the actual links created by members. We simply verify that a link is where the backlink-creator says it is. If so, and it passes our extensive quality checks, then we'll give credit for the backlink on our platform.

Since LinkCandle is not connected to the actual links, when they are crawled by search engines, the links will appear like any other link that is created on your page. It will contain the URL being linked to, any attributes that have been included (i.e. title), and the link text. They will be recognized as any other link.

Regardless of what happens on LinkCandle, each of your links will be completely independent.

Could spammers link to my website?^

We have an extensive list of quality checks to reduce the chances of this happening through LinkCandle. We make sure that the page linking to another page contains relevant content, isn't littered with an abundance of links, does not have a "nofollow" attribute assigned to the page or link, as well as many other checks.

We also only allow each user to link to a specific URL once, because it would be unnatural for someone to link to a URL more than once.

Additionally, if a backlink doesn't meet our quality standards, it will get rejected. When it gets rejected, our team will receive an email letting us know. We will then take a look at the user and website of the person trying to create the bad link. If this person or their website appears to be spammy, then they will be blocked by the platform and their IP address will be blocked from entirely.

Can people trade links with eachother?^

Trading is not tolerated as it is not a quality linking technique.

Users may decide that they like and want to link to eachother's content, but once a link is given from one specific webpage to another, a direct link back containing the same two pages will be rejected.