How does LinkCandle work?

LinkCandle is a community where you can easily submit your web pages to get backlinks and preview and link to content created by others.

As long as you create backlinks for others, your submitted pages will continue to be featured. If you only receive backlinks and don't give them, then your submissions will be hidden.

We're kind of like your parents - we'll give you special allowances (help you get backlinks) as long as you play fair (meet the required ratio of given-to-received links - upgrade options available after signup).

What the process looks like

Submitting your site to receive backlinks:

get backlinks to your blog post computer image

1.) Choose the web page that you want to get backlinks to

submit website for backlinks

2.) Submit the URL to LinkCandle

verify website information

3.) Review the submission, adjust information if necessary, and submit

your link is now active on LinkCandle

Your web page is now active and ready to get backlinks!

Finding web pages to give backlinks:

find websites for external links

1.) Search and scroll through relevant web pages, then "claim"

insert backlink into blog post

2.) Insert backlink on your web page

verify backlinks

We'll verify that the link is there and credit your profile by 1 if the link meets our quality standards!


and it's time that you do, too! Get started today - it's free!