Written by: Tyler Willis | July 31, 2017

Why Search Engines LOVE LinkCandle

LinkCandle perfectly opens the gateway between website owners, bloggers, and content creators and search engines such as Google and Bing.

Through research and personal experience, we have discovered that the biggest obstacles facing websites AND search engines is the matter of backlinks – when one website links to another website.

This is painful for websites because it is, by far, the most difficult and time-consuming part of search engine optimization.

It is equally as painful for search engines to decipher backlinks. Are they legit? Are they relevant? Did the owner of the website pay for this link? Should we go out on a limb and penalize a website for a backlink that we think is bad?


This is why search engines such as Google LOVE us!

1. LinkCandle helps search engines find web pages to rank highly

Backlinks are one of the most (if not THE most) important factors when it comes to ranking pages.

Not sure about that?

  • “2 most important factors are content and links pointing to your site” (Google)
  • “Can you rank in Google without links? New data says slim chance” (Moz)
  • “As links grow, your website starts to become stronger and stronger in the rankings” (Google)
  • “Study shows minus relevance or quality issues, links are still the most powerful ranking factor” (Stone Temple)
  • “Links are still the best way to discover how relevant or important a website is” (Google)
  • “Webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages” (Google)

LinkCandle makes it super-easy to get and give backlinks

With our easy to use platform, you can search for and find relevant articles and data to support your website’s content. Once you have selected a web page to link to, create the backlink on your site and then we’ll verify that the link is set up properly.

To get a backlink, simply create your high-quality content like you do already, and then submit your new page to LinkCandle. We’ll do the rest!

2. LinkCandle only approves relevant, high-quality backlinks

Because linking has always been a major factor regarding the ranking of web pages in search engine results, a lot of fake and black-hat techniques have been created to purchase links and automatically create new links in a poor-quality way.

In fact, Google goes into great detail describing how trying to manipulate your search engine rankings via black-hat link schemes will get your website penalized:


LinkCandle helps your page to stand out and get linked to

We are not link trading center or link exchange.

Think of LinkCandle as a platform that gives your web page a chance to be found and then linked to.

It’s like using Google or Bing to find a web page article to link to, except that you can expect to get something as well … a link or more in return!

We rely on community. You can’t just submit a web page to receive a link, you’re expected to give links as well.

3. LinkCandle encourages new and original content

Search engines rely on the creation of new and original content in order to be helpful to users of the internet.

However, creating quality content can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re trying to optimize and promote that content.

If you’ve been serious about growing your readership and site traffic, SEO has been a priority.

And, therefore, getting high quality and relevant backlinks has been the number one goal.

But it’s so difficult. And, if you have other responsibilities, it’s nearly impossible to find the time to do all that is necessary to get good backlinks.

The founding of LinkCandle was built to fix this frustration and connect link-giving and link-receiving onto one solo platform.

Stellar content

Using LinkCandle will encourage you to spend more time creating stellar content and less time doing what’s not your specialty – sending emails to other authors trying to build a relationship without sounding like all you want from them is a backlink.

Power to the little guy

If you’re not currently ranked inside the top 10 of Google’s search results for a dozen or so keywords, good luck getting backlinks.

Very few people will ever find your content while performing research for theirs, let alone decide to link to it.

With LinkCandle, your web pages and mixed in at random with the larger sites. A ranking system is not used because we bet that your content is just as good and should be linked to just as often!

Receive rewards

We give out periodic awards to members who link out the most frequently (and whose links are the highest quality based on our quality assurance algorithm).

Get help getting backlinks

LinkSwap encourages giving links as much as we do submitting your web page’s to receive links.

Members who do not give links will have their web pages hidden from LinkCandle. You see, in order to get links you must give links.

As stated above, these links aren’t trades between the same two sites, but rather between all members in the community.

You give and receive the links and we’ll keep track to make sure that everyone is contributing fairly!

Users love LinkCandle, too!

In additional to search engines, users love us, too!

Finally, there is an easy and efficient way to get real links to your web pages.

You don’t need to submit your web page to a link directory hoping that your website won’t be killed by a bunch of bad links.

Your links will be easy to track and you can gauge your performance.

LinkCandle has a super-simple submission process so you can post your new page immediately following the creation of a new post.

Give LinkCandle a try. It’s free!


Tyler Willis

Tyler Willis

Tyler is the Founder of LinkCandle. When he's not developing software fun software, he's listening to audio books about other business founders who have changed the world.

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